Saturday, 24 March 2012

Week 9

During Arduino Workshop last week, sir Zulkifli has recommend us to build stand alone arduino rather than use Arduino board for fyp.For this week, by refer to Setting up an Arduino on a breadboard website, i start to sketch the stand alone arduino circuit by using fritzing software. Then, i start to construct on the breadboard. 

Atmega 328 & Arduino pin mapping
Stand alone arduino on Fritzing

Part list:
1) 2 capacitor 10uF 
2) 1 7805 voltage regulator
3) 2 Led
4) 2 resistor 220ohm
5) 1 resistor 10kohm
6) 1 push button switch
7) 1 clock crystal 16 MHz
8) 2 ceramic capacitor 22pF

Construct stand alone arduino on breadboard

Video below show the testing of stand alone arduino with Atmega328:

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