Friday, 2 March 2012

Week 7

This week is phase test week, i have problem to balance my time  between fyp and phase test. I am also did not get chance to go to see madam Naszariah. But, after my last paper on 29 march , i manage to go to Jalan Pasar with my friends to buy Arduino kit  as picture below:
Arduino Uno R3
I am also make some tutorial to test Arduino board that i have bought with led blinking as below:
First, before i start to test my arduino , i need to setup the connection between my PC and arduino board. I need arduino board and USB cable as below:

Arduino board
USB cable

 Arduino Environment Software  

Step to be done on my laptop:
1) Connected arduino board with USB cable and USB port at my laptop

2) Select my arduino board type: Tools>Boards>Arduino UNO

3) Select my serial port: Tools>Serial Port>COM 25. Serial Port selection is depending on what COM port is free during setup. 

4)Open sketch example, File>Examples>1.Basics>Blink

5) Click upload button to upload the code to
arduino. Wait until “Done Uploading” message status appear. 

6) This video show LED was blinking and i have succesfully install my arduino.

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