Thursday, 2 February 2012

Objective of the project

The objectives of this project are to design a small, handy arm/leg cycle ergometer which is easy to use and has smooth running. Cycle ergometer that i want to design also can use for warm up and exercise not only at hospitals and rehabilitation centres but also portable to use it at home.Patient also can use it for exercise from wheelchair or standing up.The main goal of the project is to come out with prototype of a cycle ergometer used to facilitate patients in rehabilitation program.

This cycle is designed to be compact, portable and could be operated with minimum supervision from therapists. Stroke defined as a cardiovascular disease that designates the rapid loss of brain function due to an interruption in the blood supply to all or part of the brain has became a big concern in the medical field as it has contributed to a big portion to the cause of death in the world including Malaysia. Various types of treatments are available including the post-stroke rehabilitation process. This project is an aid to ease the process of the physiotherapy programs and to reduce the involvement of third parties such as physiotherapists, nurses and trainers during the rehabilitation training period. This project was initiated due to the high demands of physiotherapy programs worldwide as it has became a large threat towards the health of the people all over the globe. Simple hardware and software are used in this project to reduce the cost without having to lose the main functions of the cycle ergometer.

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